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Hey guys,
I’m going to give you an easy peasy way to make a website in 10 minutes or so.After going through the article , you will be able to make any kind of your website just using drag & drop method . Okay!  Let’s start …website!We’re going to divide the task to  just 5 steps!
The 1st step is to pick a name for your website. eg; we choose Non Tech’ie.com’
Now search for it…
Once you got the name is available.  get the name, and go to the next step,
The next step is to Get hosting & domain.
Hosting & domain are the two things we need for launching our website.
Hosting is the place where your website’s files will be stored
Domain is the name of your website.
So to get hosting & domain, let’s scroll down…
We go to Go Daddy.com There are plenty you may choose any one you like.
we’re going to buy the hosting from Go Daddy.
Just click ‘get started’.
Now enter your website name ‘nontechie.com’
And click search. Now click select & continue. That will take you to the Cart.
Now you can see here Domain price .You can select the number of years 1,2 or 3 the amount will multiply accordingly.
 if we change the duration from 2 years…to 1 year…..You may see that, you’re getting the offers. The offer may change right now it is for $ 1 for 3 months.
Proceed to checkout.
It will ask for login. click on create account and fill in the details.
Now enter any 4-digit number for the pin
And click “Create Account”.
and then continue filling the remaining personal details.
Choose your payment option, and click continue..and make the payment.
we’ve completed the payment & we have got our Domain & Hosting.
Now to STEP 3,
which is to Install WordPress.
Now we’re going to use wordpress as  you don’t need to know any programming or coding.
So install wordpress, then click managed wordpress. 
Click get started.
Now just select your domain. and.. click next. Then again next. Now you will be asked to enter a username & password for wordpress. This is a requisite to login into wordpress
Enter your  name and password,and click install. Okay! So wordpress is installed!
Now, click ‘get started’. and then click no thanks…
You will be now in your  WordPress Dashboard!
And from here you’ll be able to control your website.
Once you reach your wordpress dashboard,  This is how, the Live / default site, looks like.
Step4-Now need to install a theme.
we will use the theme called “Astra”
click ‘add new’ and search for… Astra. Find and Just click install. Then click activate.
Now the theme is activated. Next, we need to install a plugin to be able to customise our theme.
Go to plugins. And then click ‘add new’.Now search for a Plugin called ‘Astra’, And then install and activate this plugin..
This plugin has a set of Designs for the website. To see those designs, You  click on ‘see library’.
We will select  elementor as this will make it easier for you to edit the design.
now you can choose any design you like…..If you want to apply any design to your site…
Just click install plugins.and then click import this site, the design and the demo content will be
imported into your site. Once its done! ‘Click The  “view site”.
you will see, the demo has been imported into your website.
And you can also see these other pages which also has the demo content….
Once you’ve got the design into your site .You can now go to the final step.
Final Step-5. which is to Edit the content.
So, To edit any page of your site.You just have go into the page and click Edit with Elementor.
eg; you want to edit the homepage, You just simply click home…And then click “edit with elementor”. And  you will be able to do the necessary editing and page setting.
So let’s say you want to change the text here.
If  you want to change the image,You just click it.Select the image here.And drag & drop your image,once you’re done with the changes, you can simply save the page, by clicking “save”.
Now view the page by clicking  ‘view page’.  you can see all our changes and note for discrepancies need to be corrected before finalizing the draft for publishing..
Next we’re going to see customize option. Go to customize. you will see there some “Blue icons”. You can change the Logo, Menu section etc. by clicking on these Blue icons.
And this will be same in footer area also. Once you are done with the changes,
just click “publish” and they will be published on the site.
Next How to add a new page?
It’s very simple. All you need to do is, click ‘page’ in the left side menu.
Now let’s say you want to create an About page for your website,you need to first enter a title.
and then start creating the  page just click ,edit with “Elementor”.
And  to add an image you can drag & drop .There is an other way to create a page…ie by using templates, the  templates are ready-made pages which you can import into your site.
Just click “add template”  you will find a lot of designs ,choose any designs,simply click it.
if you like it, just click insert to get it into your page. 
Once you are done with the changes,click save and view page.That’s it this is how you can add new pages to your site.
So now you know, How you can launch your site, right from getting domain & hosting.
Importing the demo content and then edit it to make your own choice’s of website. Thanks for support.


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