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How to Achieve Weight Loss by Controling  Your Eating Habits

 Are you  like most people today, concerned about your health and well being and want to shed off some unwanted ugly pounds? Most of us are very aware of the obesity epidemic even during Covid 19 backlash .The thought is sweeping through all of the World and our intention is to lose weight and rid ourselves of the loose muscles we are carrying.

Oolong teas originated in China. Oolong literally means black dragon. However, the tea is often referred to as Wulong tea, a name that originated with the person believed to have created this tea.Wu Liang was a Chinese teagardner…Oolong teas are rapidly gaining popularity in the Western world. And, among oolong teas, those created in Taiwan, referred to as Formosa oolong teas, are some of the most delicious. The best thing it is consumed for treat and pleasure but gives best results in blood thinning and weight loss similar to Proven of Nutravesta.

The combination of the caffeine and anti-oxidants in oolong tea ensures to increase the metabolism and promote the oxidation of fat. The research has also proved that the caffeine in tea doesn’t appear to raise heart rate or cause jitters the way many other caffeinated beverages may do. So, tea is safely consumed by most people who are normally caffeine sensitive.Formosa oolong teas are some of the most delicious and effective in weight loss and diluting potbelly to flat belly.

Intentions and wishfull thinking won’t bring any results nor create weight loss, and in most of the cases, our good intentions can cause us to gain weight as we believe and wonder if it’s all worth it or not. Losing weight does take lots of self-discipline and is going to mean a life changing decision with full sense and responsibility to change the food habits and regular exercise in our lives.

This self-discipline is going to involve some pain and discomfort. It is inevitable. The challenge with the inner self for the right way of acting, thinking  and behaving is probably the most difficult task we face in life. However, as we stop and remember that in the short term the pain that is involved in changing our lifestyle might be difficult but we have to control it and then only can make the difference. Making these changes assures us of long-term health benefits and significant reduction in the  risk of the pain associated with chronic sufferings.

Ageing and dripping metabolism also can be boosted with Re Surge, the wonder health supplement.

The opposite of course is true if we don’t accept the challenge to change our lifestyle and eating habits today and enhance the potential for long-term pain and illness . Making the decision to change a few things in your diet and lifestyle might be stressful , as you may think ,but necessary. Diets and weight loss programs today are not the same as they used to be in the past ,we have Nutritional experts who plan weight loss without denying you every thing that tastes  or feels good for the sake of achieving weight loss.

Most weight loss programs that have proven results rely on life style and food choice modification rather than denying food . These plans encourage limited dietary and lifestyle modifications that focus on what you can eat rather than what you can’t eat and how much . They rarely restrict any foods, but show a better way of eating the foods you love. The diet plans they suggest provide long-term solutions that are achievable and leave you feeling empowered as you see the weight loss happening, with out losing strenghth and feelindg weak.

How to Get a Flat Abdomen in 30 or Less Workouts 

You have been working out at the gym and you are looking great. You know you have worked hard and deserve the results you see in the mirror. Except for that stubborn belly  that just not seem to budge no matter how best  you try. This sound all too familiar? Do not worry. You are not alone. This is a common problem for most people. The good news is, there is a way to get a flat abdomen in 30 or less workouts , and the best part ,you do not need a gym to achieve it.

You are probably watching your weight and ensuring you eat plenty of proteins, good fats and lots of fruits and vegetables, low GI foods and whole grains and fibers. No workout program will work successfully unless combined with a sensible approach to diet. The next step is to check what exercise you are doing to try to flatten that stubborn belly.

Most people think that to lose belly fat you need to do exercises that focus on the abdomen. Isolated exercises do not work and have limited results giving you that flat stomach you desire. This means your routines do not need to include unpleasant and strenuous workouts and expensive equipment. The most effective way of removing the belly fat is by combining interval cardio training  with resistance exercises that focus on the big muscle groups in the buttocks, back and thighs. These are your fat burning muscle groups and by working them you will burn the belly fat and succeed in tighten your abdominal muscles at the same time.

Remember quality not quantity is the key to all factors including fast abdominal fat loss. A simple workout routine that you should do for 30 days may look like this.

  1. Use an exercise bike or tread mill if you have access to , or otherwise try skipping or running  and do interval cardio exercises by interspersing a period of   2 minutes of fast paced cardio that raises your heart rate,  with 4 minutes of rest and continue this for approximately 20 minutes (burn calories and raise heart rate).
  1. Follow up cardio training with 15 reps of exercises such as squats and lunges with free weights repeated twice each session.



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