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 A Properety Tax Consultant is a sought after professional in any locality. People easily shell out over $1,000’s of dollars for attorneys and professional property tax appraisers to represent them in filing  their property tax with to ensure success or winning. A property tax consultant is a life saver for busy people and people with no knowledge of Govt.rules and regulatios. 

Fees are charged on a contingency basis, which means, if you lose the case, the client risks nothing. Since there is no risk to the client or homeowner, they want your service. Finding potential clients is mind-blowing simple. Some charge an up-front consultation fee. Many do.

Basically, the real estate appraisal system is rife with errors rather complicated .Valuations are constantly in flux and the tax assessor’s office rarely does personal valuation visits for any a reasons.The best od all trustng consultants as experts and reliable officials having thorough knowledge odf subject matter and client. They leave it to other blanket assessor services. This opens the door for a business opportunity that really helps others in a meaningful way.

When a valuation for an jurisdiction is required, the town sets out on a public bid and generally the lowest bidding property valuation broker wins. You can bet your bottom dollar that the broker who won the bid needs to make a profit.

Little time and money is allocated on a per unit basis for the appraisal. Sometimes a raw crew is doing the work. There are time restraints on his crew in order for the mass evaluations broker to earn his profit. Errors are rampant. Therefore a dire need for appealing over-assessment errors.

Helping homeowners as well as commercial accounts to help lower their property tax is a legitimate business that generates financial rewards.

In this day and age, those who do need some extra income can work this service as a part time or work-from-home based business.

Since there is no free lunch, it can be worked in conjunction with another income stream such as the mortgage brokerage trade, real estate, insurance and similar consulting industries. It can be worked during slow times or just to do something challenging and different to help turn the table by helping correct regulatory errors.

Commercial Property Tax Assessment Training

The commercial side of this deals with larger properties and, of course larger commissions. Commercial valuations are based on an Income based Approach.

If they earn less net income than the previous year, their property tax assessment should be less. In this course you’ll learn about the opportunities that exist in this area of specialization.

Apartment house and complexes vacancies, many small to medium businesses that might be suffering could file appeals when the facts warrant. Again, a business valuation is based not on a Market Value Approach but on an Income based Approach.

Fact is, unlike residential properties which use a comparable property approach, a commercial property valuation is made on an income basis. And guess what? If cash flow to the commercial property is lacking business or tenants, you might have found a client who could use significant savings!

Help the needy and Give them the tax break they deserve. Learn a professional high in value and high in demand  a white color respectable job to  Provide a service where competition is almost nil and the opportunities are in abudance. An opportunity to grow to exponential potential.Earn while you learn and work from home ,work part time opportunity.

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Khalid Yusuf
I am a retired QA/QC Electrical Material Engineer. I am also an Affiliate Marketer and Author of two Books. It is a time to payback to Society, Community, Country and the World as a Mentor to youth, consultant to needy, fresh entrepreneurs and Counselor to 16 to 100+ for depression, anxiety due to disturbing Health, Wealth and Personal Relationship.

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