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“Motvio” A Game Changer,The New Sensational  Video

                      Lauching Platform Like Youtube & Vimeo 

Videos are back bone of Internet marketing and the only best tool of all

6 & 7 figure marketers . No Doubt Videos  Today  Rule Any Market…Watch

But the Market do not have a  perfect solution for your needs and  to capitalize on all of the marketing parameters.

The best known fact to be told,that your videos are leaking traffic and thereby sales like an oil-spill from the Oil Tanker.

The available hosting platforms  are free to upload but they have many hidden motives and charges. Your good videos are not able to produce desired results and returns.

1. These platforms aim at increasing their own revenues… not yours (and why not .It is their own platforms . We normally think the  ‘YouTube’ is  free…)

2. And, You have no control over it’s functioning and returns , but not any more…

The fact, is that are un knowingly but surely  facing  one or more of these issues and challenges daily…

1.Keeping you restricted to your intended audience.

2.You are paying over $600 for platforms like Vimeo, Wistia etc. every year.
That’s EXPENSIVE for sure.

3.Your videos are taking time to load and would keep buffering and waisting time of your valuable visitors.

4. Then facing the YouTube’s never-ending ‘Skip Ad’  distraction must be
frustrating your traffic

5.And worst of all YOUR AUDIENCE is being directed to other related content.

6. Your content is being copied and Your competitors are likely to post negative comments and reviews to make you suffer in terms of reputation and sale.

You’re getting  a pretty long list of ‘Do’s and ‘Don’ts and

you have no idea how many of your videos are reaching the strike limits.

So,  It clearly looked like we were all just being held hostage .

What if  you get  a video platform that optimize videos to deliver them faster and  more importantly, works FOR marketers and only for Platform users.

Imagine Being Able To…

Upload, Host, Store and publish in one click . And manage  THOUSANDS of  HD videos without any delay or buffering, without worrying about reaching any limits and being forced to pay a lot as your business grows..

Well ,NO DOUBT , it’s ‘too hard to create such an marvelous Platform, but Cindy Donwan and her Wild fire Concepts group did it… for you ,the video marketers and others who want to see their business grow without additional expanses and without any hassle,rather at ease and affordable price.

Introducing MOTVIO...


A PERFECT All-In-One Platform for Video Hosting,Storing, Publishing and Marketing.
An unique product by marketers FOR the Marketers a Super Easy one click
Hosting , Monetizing,Publishing and Marketing Your Videos With..

Step #1. Upload your Video

Step #2. Customize as per your need

Step #3. Embed anywhere and  Profit as per your plan and desire.


Published by khalid

I am a retired old man QA/QC Electrical Material engineer. I am also an Affiliate marketer and Author of two Books. It is time to payback to society,Community ,Country and the World as a Mentor to youth, Consultant to needy / fresh entrepreneurs and Counselor to 16 to 100 + for depression, anxiety due to disturbing Health,Wealth and Personal relationships.

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