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A Must for Any Market Place

Choosing a right eBay category is like for any other Marketplace, and often it is. Sometimes, tough, it might not be quite clear exactly what to go for,so your passion comes first,then trend and finally your choice .

Why is it So Important?

The general view of human is to look for things  category wise, when they’re not looking for something specific. If your item is not listed in a defined category – or you’ve just given up and listed it in ‘Any thing Else’,in a wrong category – then the buyers aren’t going to find your product.

Also, listing items in the wrong categories is against eBay’s  terms. The eBay warns to remove any auctions that are wrongly categorized. They don’t normally  do this for the sake of time waste and inconvenience, but it’s not worth the risk – especially since breaking any rules can cause issues and even to get your account penalize . Some times losing Power Seller status, if you have.

So What Can One Do?

eBay will suggest categories for your  your item when you put, if you type in a few words to describe the item on the category selection page and click ‘search’. You will  make the right choice and the best use of this feature by inserting your product in exact category.

Putting brand name and model umber of your item is more liked by  eBay  and easy to  find the best category for your product.

If that doesn’t work for you, then search yourself for items like yours, and note to which category most of them seem to be in . This is  near the top of each item’s description page. Search with different words and see which one reflects with the most results. You can also search through the available categories on eBay’s front page.

Remember that the more specific the category is, the better – Also go for  many subcategories  appropriate for your product. eg; Don’t just list your HP laptop in the ‘Computers’ category, – list it in ‘Computers > Laptops > HP’. Don’t worry: your item will still appear in the ‘Computers’ category, as well as ‘Computers > Laptops’, because items listed in subcategories are always listed in every category covered there.

Take some time to study all the categories and get familiar with the eBay’s sub-category system as a whole . After all, that’s better than following try and error system.

What if The Product Fits In More Than One Category ?

Not to  worry, eBay have you covered,but for a small extra fee, you can list your item in as many  extra categories to increase the number of potential buyers to  see it. This isn’t always worth it, though – some items only really fit properly in one category, and listing them in extra categories has no meaning and just a waste of extra investment.

Once you know where to list your item, the next step is to write your Product’s title. The title is the most important thing about your auction – the difference between a good title and a bad title can be the difference between $100 and $1000. That’s why It’s necessary to go through the dos and don’ts of eBay rules.

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Khalid Yusuf
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