Learn How to promote ClickBank Products

What is Marketing :

The technique or process where by you attract others attention and create interest  so much so that they feel like to look upon your offer. That can be a product ,service or an emergency call.

A child cries to get attention ,a manufacturer advertises his products an Expert offers his services and people attracted to any of them , for sympathy or empathy and need or seeking solution to one or many of their problems pay attention and act  by helping the crying Baby or buying the Advertised product of the Manufacturer and hiring the services of an Expert.

Internet Marketing :

Internet as we know is the wonder of the century .It has created lanes and by-lanes in every system and eased the process in almost every necessity of life. Internet Marketing has also evolved innovative processes and means to reach, attract, sell and subscribe in a revolutionized  way.

Digital Marketing :

Digital Marketing has come as a boon in modern day Businesses.It reaches the product or services directly to the consumer in their  Bedrooms, Bathrooms, class rooms and office cubicles through simple and smart Mobile phones.

Affiliate Marketing :

Affiliate Marketing is like being Dealer or Sales man of a company . As an affiliate you contract with a  company to promote their products on your Blog, on your Facebook page and on other social media platforms. The established Affiliate Marketers use e-mail Marketing and reach to thousands of their subscribers and would be customers. A good Affiliate marketer earns $5000 to $ 10000/ a month by affiliate marketing. Many renowned Affiliate Marketers make $100,000/ and more /Month. It is not easy for all or for ordinary people like me and you to reach Manufacturers and have private personal deals. There are companies that work as mediators and provide platform to every needy ,broke or ambitious to enroll free and view millions of offers of thousands of companies who need Affiliates to sell their products. They offer fabulous commissions and support in advertising through banners ,written sales/Ads pages and some times promotional videos. You just choose the product of your Niche, the passionate subject that you are expert in or that interests you, but the experts advise to chose a trendy Niche instead of that of your liking. Amazon,e-Bay and Click Bank are famous affiliate sites that give vast opportunities to any one willing to dive in and fetch the Dollars not virtually but practically lying their in millions.

How can you ?

We will discuss here in detail about Click bank ,the most versatile affiliate marketing platform. You will learn now , how can you make money on line by promoting  Click Bank products without a website ?

As a matter of fact it is not advised to do affiliate marketing without a website , but for beginners and those striped of cash or need immediate earnings to pay the due Electricity and rent bills , Affiliate marketing is recommended and appreciated ,before starting watch this.

The Basics Needed;

I assume you are like me prompted to earn on line and don’t know much of Internet of things, you have to follow the steps as below ;

  1. Assign an email
  2. Assign a Bank Account with provision of Internet Banking.
  3. Assign a Mobile number that is to be the one associated and registered with the Bank Account.
  4. Go to www. Paypal.com and Sign in ie-Open an account. If you can not or have any questions write to me at blogtechanalysis@gmail.com and I shall make video for you explaining steps to have a Pay Pal account.
  5. Go to www.ClickBank.com and Sign in / open an account. If you can not or have any questions write to me at blogtechanalysis@gmail.com and I shall make video for you explaining steps to have a Click Bank account.

Now you are ready for Internet Business .

After reading the article CLICK this link  to watch and learn.

Log-in to your Click Bank account .

Go to  Affiliates  in the Toolbar Click on Affiliates . A window will open with Categories on the left.

Choose your Niche/ Category- eg. Health and Fitness then choose the sub category eg; Diet and weight loss.

The products will appear on the right side of Category. Choose a product by Gravity. A product with gravity of 20 or more is better to promote.

Gravity is a measure of value and demand of the product. It shows the number of affiliates promoting this product for the last week or month . If the more people are selling that means the product is good and in demand.

Now click on Promote an icon below the details of the product. A window will open asking your credentials. Enter your ID / Username and click CREATE. new window will pop up showing your Affiliate link in the top bar inside the same box.

Copy the link and save it in Notepad or Excel. You have to promote this link on Multi Media Platforms. Any one buys the product by clicking on your Link you will get commissions without making, buying, without maintaining Inventory, without seeing it or touching it, storing and dispatching.

Please watch video below to learn the ways to promote the link without a website. If you love shopping go to https://sheena.shopabot.com

If you are completely new not familiar with terms and brands in Internet Marketing, wait and look for my next video on How to make a Word press website ?


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Khalid Yusuf
I am a retired QA/QC Electrical Material Engineer. I am also an Affiliate Marketer and Author of two Books. It is a time to payback to Society, Community, Country and the World as a Mentor to youth, consultant to needy, fresh entrepreneurs and Counselor to 16 to 100+ for depression, anxiety due to disturbing Health, Wealth and Personal Relationship.

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