How To Win Friends And Influence People In Today’s Digital Age?

How To Win Friends And Influence People In ToDay’s Digital Age ?

Have To Learn Clever Communication

Communication is simply a manifestation of our thinking ,views and our decision about the person in conversation. While the proficient people display more advantageous over, less proficient in words, position and power and become more than savvy communicators.

These internal drivers ,the heart and mind are the primary differentiator between s leader and subject.

An expert says,” When generosity and trustworthiness surround your behavior then the  two highest levels of human influence are achieved  (1) When people follow you because of what you’ve done for them – generally Good (2) people follow you because of who you are – A position holder . This is the best result and achievement , whether only two or two million people are involved in verbal or actionable interaction. And the  generosity and trust must be and ave to be communicated artfully and authentically to produce mutual benefits ,an articulate and diplomatic behavior in other sense.

Because we live in an age when celebrity influence can be borrowed or bought over and media coverage can be won by clever moves and manipulation , it is also necessary that every opportunity to communicate be en-cashed with sublimity and  every medium you use to be filled with comments, building  trust, enhancing gratitude, and adding  value to the recipients.

As per Carnegie the master of Influence that is earned ,” There is distinction between influence that is borrowed (and is difficult to sustain) and influence that is earned (and is as steady as earth’s axis).

Some of his fundamental principles  are universal —don’t criticize, condemn, or complain; talk about others’ interests; if you’re wrong, admit it;

This way you are to consider others’ needs before you speak. It encourages you to address difficult subjects honestly and push you to become a kinder, humbler Boss, spouse, colleague, Parent, Marketer and leader. In other words these acts establish your influence in other’s’ lives not through showmanship or manipulation but through a practical human trait of affection by expressing grace , respect and displaying empathy towards others.

It rewards you with enduring friendships, Rich, trustworthy handlings that results in Compelling leadership. And amid today’s trend of me-mine reflects a very distinguished branding.

 The principles herein are more than self-help or self- promotion handlers. They are soul lifting  strategies for lasting effects and distinguished progress in your conversations, your collaborations, your environment and the end results are equally significant.

By applying these  principles you will not only become a more compelling authentic person

with distinguishable influence in others’ lives; you will in a way fulfill a much needed and well respected philanthropic duty in  every day life. Imagine the effect being compounded over the dozens and hundreds of daily interactions that  digital age affords you to cash . Imagine the effect if thousands of people throughout your circle of influence in an organization or institution followed the suit.

Winning friends and influencing people around you in today’s scenario  is very tough as opportunities to grow and access to information is common . The embracing of opportunities as these come in front is your greatest and most constant occasion to make immediate sustainable progress with others involved. And what ? Success surely begins with relationships that are good and respectful .


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Khalid Yusuf
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