Digital Marketing is emerging as the next competitor in professional choice for new entrants in working category after xth or 12th. ITI is an established thing and for engineers, with a set mind for a career but for students just getting ready to enter in to the crowd of bread earners Digital Marketing is Boon and must be explored. The Institutes are sprouting all around and Internet is swarmed with courses and soft wares to take advantage and get established in to a most respectable and with high earning potential profession.  DSIM in Delhi  is an Internationally recognized such Institute that boasts to have achieved the commendable parameters in Nation Building and Students placement in Jobs and entrepreneurship in India. Cindy Donovan’s Covert Commissions/Wild Fire Concepts, Alex  Beckwer’s Hero Nation, Anik Singal’s Lurn ,Aaron’s Supersales machines and Paul’s Chattempal are  helping out havenots Internationally.


“After the Development of Western countries came the chance to 3rd World countries and they saw money in abundance. Doors opened for Western countries that helped selective well-off families but the Seventies boom in Oil sector opened the arena for masses , illiterate and occupational trades , Medical staff and Nurses swarmed the Gulf countries that lessened the burden on third world countries in controlling inflation and enjoying boom of entrepreneurs with the Gulf earnings. A particular community and the rest from down wrung of the society managed to build a house and standard living. The education and trade training played the main role.

After the recession and completion of major projects in Gulf countries, the   situation is once again on decline, especially Engineering sector. Pass outs of 2012 on wards have suffered a big set back in third World countries.

Therefore, Governments, Educationists and Intellectuals have to think of employment measures in changing situation and students at the end of class x th. must be vary in choosing their subjects for career in life.

We are passing through a revolutionary time where nothing is predictable. The Science, Technology and economies of Nations, Trades and communities surviving on family trades are changing day in and day out.

Instead of stereotype in choosing subjects the students should take Psychometric test to analyze their viable interests. It is also imperative to analyze one’s Academic credentials with aesthetic sense and sensibility, weather one is thinker or doer.

The Colleges and  NGOS should request Govt. authorities to arrange such tests in the areas of people living in Poverty or below the poverty line. It will help them choose the right subjects in 12th, right profession after that and right course of action in life. This will indirectly help the Government and provide a positive contribution in Nation building and community development.

Experts also emphasize on career counselling after xth .It exposes students to various opportunities like scholarships, entrance exams for State and Central Government services. The Educational Institutes should take advantage of Government schemes like ‘Make in India’ and ‘Startup India’ and start Campus based Incubators  suiting to Engineering and Non Engineering students .

The JOB oriented curriculum is need of the day instead of politicizing and grumbling the syllabuses.I have some guidance for entrepreneur minds to start their own on line business with minimal in put, BUT the  Learning is a MUST.  For more info  see…

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Khalid Yusuf
I am a retired QA/QC Electrical Material Engineer. I am also an Affiliate Marketer and Author of two Books. It is a time to payback to Society, Community, Country and the World as a Mentor to youth, consultant to needy, fresh entrepreneurs and Counselor to 16 to 100+ for depression, anxiety due to disturbing Health, Wealth and Personal Relationship.

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