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What is Fat, Fatty and Fat Problems

As per research by scientists the Triglycerides, cholesterol and other essential fatty acids— a human Body can’t make on its own—It is essential to store energy and to  insulate us and our organs. The Fatty acids act as transport  helping proteins in doing repair development work in the body. Fats also help store essential nutrients in the body.

Obesity is a disease is new knowledge in third World countries. Eating Ghee, Oil ,Milk and Milk products in abundance was considered good and Healthy until 30 years back , as the people were walking on foot and toiling in the fields, but now it has emerged as a serious, chronic disease that can have a negative effect on vital organs of the body ad on the other systems in our body. People who are overweight or obese have a sure and greater risk of developing  Heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

Too much of saturated fats in our daily diet plan can raise LDL cholesterol in the blood, which invariably increases the chance of a stroke. Where as HDL cholesterol has a positive effect ,it takes LDL cholesterol from parts OF THE BODY  where there’s  more than needed and takes it to the Liver to be disposed off through Urine.

How do we get Weight

When we have a new child  born in the family, we get delighted and naturally we love to care and see to it that the child grows in a best possible environment. The first thing our love for the child is to feed him and feed him healthy food the good stuff full of nutrients and healthy stuff, until the child becomes obese and then we start worrying. What to do now ?

When the wards of not so well off families grow and reach an age of taking decisions instead of requesting, they start eating outside initially all un-hygenic stuff from street hawkers then to fast food and finally start outings for Dinner with peers and  indulge in Binge eating.

The parents become silent sufferers.The victims become survivors and friends become teasers for protruding Belly, Heavy Hips and shabby breasts in case of  girl victims. Actually these are not victims but pampered children or perpetrators of crime against themselves. But as fellow human and caring , we call them victims. Mind it , some fat looking, suffering after effects of a illness or Genes and smart fatties are not in our comment and study, only the sufferers ,practically complaining or seen with painful side effects of over weight are being discussed. USA being superpower and leader in every issue and most caring Nation for it’s citizens, some time back, launched USDA Food Pyramid for promoting Healthy living. But any system works if you follow it in it’s true perspective, so it did failed. Today more than 50% of US. citizens are obese or in overweight category. Your diet can either help you or harm you in the Metabolism part of things. The function of metabolism system is to provide right   a   mount of energy or fuel to keep our bodies living and functioning. Every one wants to have high quality of metabolism, but the age, gender and diet manors  it without giving any notice until it is visible in the form of some problem . I will not go in chemical details, that’s the job of a Nutritionist and Doctor,but come to remedy aspect. Push yourself as we say pull-up your socks and get ready to implement rather force upon yourself, if you feel you are over weight or obese. As per a WHO report a Man’s ideal weight is = height in cms – 100 ie, If a man’s height is 165 cms then his ideal weight should be 65 Kg. and for Women the ideal weight is height in cms – 105, ie if a woman’ height is 165 cms . her ideal weight will be 165-105 =60 kg. There is a famous slogan ” control your weight for ever by controlling your Blood sugar”. Again it is a vast subject we come back to remedy – I came across a magical formula designed by some experts that helps control the weight reduces it to a decent level within 21 days, if followed the dieting plan and instructions and precautions in TOTO.

How to Loose Weight

To loose about one pound a week  we must regulate our eating habits to reduce 500 calories intake per day and vice-versa. Then add Physical activity, walking, jogging , strolling and workout after achieving say ,10 percent of weight-loss. One pound of fat is roughly 3,500 calories. To lose two pounds per week, we must  burn out about  7,000 calories . At the rate of two pounds per week, it would take up to 50 weeks to achieve a goal of 100 pounds of weight loss. This is not advisable and must be discouraged  as  100 pounds is a significant amount of weight loss.

It is observed that the  Kids and teens who are obese are more at risk to develop diabetes ,Blood pressure and other related health problems. And overweight adults have a greater chance of suffering Heart disease OR Attack.

Weight-related health problems include Asthma and Apnea  Obesity increases the chance of creating breathing problems and can make it difficult to keep up with friends, play sports, and even walking.

Sleep apnea. is a condition (where a person temporarily stops breathing while in sleep) It is a serious problem and dangerous for many a overweight kids .


The Ultimate Remedy

The Fat Decimator system, a scientifically proved and developed system is being introduced in the public interest. It sheds off 3/4 to one pound of weight daily. CLA ( Conjugated Linoleik Acid ) an ingredient of Fat Decimator system attacks Diabetese, Builds lean Muscle Mass, works against Cancer, Keeps control on Fat cells becoming larger and thereby reducing Fat. In nutshell the Fat decimator is a foolproof, scientifically tested Diet plan and 100% guaranteed to melt – away your 12 to 23 pounds of ugly fat in just 21 days,leaving you with Lean, powerful muscles, Radient Face, Silky Hair and energetic body. Trial Package costs Nuts…just $ 37/ Less than Indian Rupees 1850/.Have some review for it.

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