Content is The King To Rank On Google

Content Gorilla

The Content Gorilla produces a content that ultimately Ranks High On Google. Neil Napier has done a marvelous work for easing all rituals.

It is available at a very reasonable one time low price . There is option for Monthly payments for Covid affected pockets and Agency licence for those who intend to invest in a business with vision and foresightedness.

Both Neil Patel and Jon Loomer agree that content is king! So do I and second and support their verdict. 

No doubt ,  you have to have great content – you can’t  rank on Google or on any other search engine. Because great content is the King ,as is agreed by experts , when it comes to getting  ranking.

But ,it has be High quality, human readable & Google friendly content.

​Now, there are three ways to get that content…


Writing content yourself is the most effective and inexpensive way if  you’re good at writing compelling content, and without  grammatical mistakes.

but writing  content yourself will make you to feel tired,bore and pass through time consuming process.

You have to do “Researching, writing,Rewriting, proofreading and editing all in your time and by yourself as out sourcing will cost you money.

All of this is painstakingly and time consuming.

Not easy in any way. You’ll eventually be looking  for some easy options.

Here is this , set up to eliminate all previous hassels. eg; writing few  wordpress blogs, but after writing 4-5 posts, you  run out of motivation and those blogs sit there without making any buck for you.

Which proves that writing yourself isn’t that easy and not a long-term solution.

​Now with that shunted out , you decide to hire a ghost writer to write for your blog.

A ghost writer may not have and normally won’t be having that quality, or superb vocabulary and even Google friendly content as per your liking.

​and it eventually won’t be friendly on some one’s pocket.

​ One expert told, “I went to the cheapest platform known  FIVERR.

​And  ordered 20 articles over a period of 2 months…​It cost me $250+”.

I’ll be honest, the content was NOT stellar.

Plus, it ended up costing a bit more than what I expect to pay .​

This was in 2016 – right now, it would cost you MORE around $100+ for a good article

So – let’s do the  quick math ..


John wants to post 10 articles on a website every month, he buys 1 article for $100, how much money does he need to pay in a year ?


Price per article = $100

Articles John wants to post per month = 4

Articles John needs to post in an year = 12 x 4 = 48

Price per article = $100

The cost to post 48 articles = 100 x 48 = $4800 .

I decided to build Content Gorilla.

Here is the Monster “Content Gorilla” at your service to obey like a Genei… 



  1. Quick Search

To Search and create content in 105 languages.

2. Deep Search Filters

  To Sort results by relevance, views or videos with creative commons license.

3. Fast Convert

It Converts any YouTube video into a blog post in seconds.

4. Corrects Grammatical  Mistakes

1-click correct for any grammatical  mistakes in the extracted content.

5. Best Content Spinner

Content Gorilla has a Built-in content spinner that creates unique, readable variation of content every time. 

6. Auto Inserting Images

It helps find Image related to your keyword search and gets it automatically added to your content. There is also provision for you to add images manually, as many as you want.

7.Video Thumbnail as Featured Image

The YouTube video thumbnail is automatically set as the featured image of your post. And You have option to edit that or  put your own featured image.

8.Auto Tag Fetching 

Tags are automatically fetched from the video then converted and added as post tags to help your content to rank fast on google.

9.Instant Bulk Posts 

You can create up to 10 posts instantly or drip feed them at selected time interval.

10.Multi-point publishing

You can with a click publish your post to multiple blogs instantly.

11.Content  Rewriter

Specifically developed for Content Gorilla, with this module, you can rewrite any piece of content simply by pasting it in the provided window!

12.The  Content Gorilla is for everyone who wants to build a hands-off traffic …like




13.Multi-lingual Support

With Content Gorilla you can create content in the 105 YouTube supported languages, we work with even left-to-right languages like Hebrew and Arabic.

14.Zero Compatibility Issues

Instantly Integrate with WordPress with FREE lightweight plugin that comes with web based Content Gorilla.

15.This is an  AMAZING deal, With all the features discussed – So, as a way of welcoming you into the Content Gorilla’s family and making this deal even more irresistible, I am throwing in a high-value bonus. A free software and a Free e-Book upon sending JVZOO receipt to me at


1.It’s not for Free.

2. It’s not for people dreaming success .

3. It’s not a magic wand,but you will start feeling change within a week

Coclusion ; I can confidently recommend Content Gorilla to all who are associated with Internet marketing in any way. A must Tool to Earn Regular Passive Income Online.


The e-Book will show you how we have built a 6-Figure Yearly business on the back of regular content and free traffic.So can you by following the builtin training.  There is a proof that you should attract as many as 100,000+ visitors – in multiple niches and make your subscriber list,more leads ,more sales and more money 6 – 7 figure within 4 – 6 Months.

About Khalid Yusuf

Khalid Yusuf
I am a retired QA/QC Electrical Material Engineer. I am also an Affiliate Marketer and Author of two Books. It is a time to payback to Society, Community, Country and the World as a Mentor to youth, consultant to needy, fresh entrepreneurs and Counselor to 16 to 100+ for depression, anxiety due to disturbing Health, Wealth and Personal Relationship.

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