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Hey Friends,
It’s not easy and not impossible to generate $10,000/ per Month on line. You need to understand and implement the three things  and have these in place in order to generate a consistent $10,000 per month income online/offline.  Unlike the many gurus who are trying to sell out their products , invite us on  webinars and sell their courses or software, I’m  here to simply introduce you to the real process with which you can make the targeted income and more.
You have to have…..
1. An audience growth system.
Now this can be a number of different tools, number of different platforms and ultimately you need to have a way to be reaching to the hundreds and thousands of new people each and every day. The one of the source is you tube that can make your reach to hundreds of people each and every day . 
You can also reach hundreds of  people each day on Facebook? Specially if you pay.
What about on Google? What about on Linkedin?
What about through a podcast? All these channels are solving the purpose.
However, the distinction is How much money do you have readily and available to invest in traffic?
If you can invest $1,000 to $5,000 per month then paid advertising is a great option for you and Facebook ads are best choice. but if you’re looking to bootstrap, you’re wanting to put your time and energy in order to create the reach, then  Facebook’s not a great option for you.
In that case you tube and Google are going to be the best choice.
Running a podcast can be anther option and Twitter, Pintrest and Reddit are next bet . And regardless of which platform you choose to go all in , you’re going to need a site or to partner up with a platform as a publisher in order to get the word out about you, your brand, your services etc. You got to get that audience growth engine in place on this platform or channel.
You tube is the easy and best choice, upload at least a video on every alternate day to make 200 or so in a year. So that you have 1000 subscribers and 400 watch hours to monetize your channel.
Gaining mastery over one platform is a must and advantageous for you versus spreading yourself way too
thin .So you need to focus in on one thing .Because, if you’re moving around from Instagram to Pinterest over to Facebook, back to the blog, back over to the you tube, back to Pinterest,back to the podcast, instead of making your presence felt in any one place  long enough, you will never get needed results. So regardless of what you choose, you now know that the one most important thing you have is your audience growth engine.
2. The second Thing that you need to have in place is a follow up 
This works in two different sides AND  two different levels of most businesses.
There’s a kind of  follow up that happens before the sale and generally there’s followup
that starts  after the sale. If you’re selling your own products, if you’re selling your own services, you’re probably going to make a lot more after the sale in those subsequent sales than you do on the first sale, right? You can use e-Mail or re-targeting  or invariably  you can do both of them.
You can  use a word press blog as your home for your content and that’s where you have your  opt-in page for your free giveaway to  get people  onto your email list. Then comes funnel.
You  you can go for any  Funnel system of your choice. The idea is, you need a system that’s going to allow you to follow up with these individuals on demand as your subscribers .There’s a way to run Facebook ads along with a Facebook messenger list and you can follow up with the people on messenger.
Email is still the most widely used form of communication that we all have and use today, and it ain’t going anywhere. So once you get your audience growth system in place, you need to have a mechanism and a way to get them on your email list so you can follow up with them generally an opt in page comes in scene at this point.
But if you’re selling something, then obviously the sale itself can get them onto your email list,but best way is to direct the lead through double opt-in. 
3. The third and Final , you need to have is  monetization 
Now this can be something that you build yourself or outsourced, which would require sales copy.
You’ve got to learn copy writing, got to have good sales copy that’s going to emotionally
trigger  them  and convince them to pull out their credit card and purchase.This happens only when the 
value of what they’re going to receive is greater than the value of the dollars they’re going to spend on your product.
If you’re not good at communicating that value proposition or that value exchange, you need
to  learn copy writing or outsource it . It’s the key for business and honestly good copy writing is going to help you in your audience growth for ever. Whether you’re doing Facebook ads or blog posts or you tube?
So the monetization system, you need to have something to sell, you need to have a mechanism to sell it.
You have the sales copy. Then  you’re going to need a shopping cart and then some sort of delivery arrangement.
A down load page for Digital products or an address page for physical products.
The sales page can be live on lead pages.The shopping cart can be Samcart and otherwise you can deliver on something like Thinkific, which is a marketing stack that most people use . 
But if you aren’t a consultant, if you’re not to coach someone or if you can’t guide someone to achieve a specific result they desire, you’re probably would not be able to sell your own products . And then the only option affiliate marketing .This means you’re able to sell other people’s products . Selling  other people’s products, other people’s solutions, and when you do that, you don’t have to bother about the sales copy. You don’t have to worry about the shopping cart, the product delivery or even the customer support that happens after that transaction.
That is 100% their responsibility as the vendor of the product, you simply gain the attention of the audience.
You then follow up with that audience /individual to build trust, and you simply make your recommendation
for the product . when they purchase, you earn a commission and that’s a pretty fast way to get your business going.
That is why for beginners and non techies the affiliate marketing is one of the best business models to get started online because it eliminates the all challenge of product creation, making a sales copy, shopping cart, delivery of product etc.

You can be an affiliate for Amazon,Click Bank,JVZOO, Warriorplus etc. where you can sell information products and physical products around the  world.
But these are the three systems that you need to have in place.
Number one ,an audience growth engine.
Number two , a followup system and number three,  monetization .


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I am a retired old man QA/QC Electrical Material engineer. I am also an Affiliate marketer and Author of two Books. It is time to payback to society,Community ,Country and the World as a Mentor to youth, Consultant to needy / fresh entrepreneurs and Counselor to 16 to 100 + for depression, anxiety due to disturbing Health,Wealth and Personal relationships.

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