3 Tips to take charge of your body and fight Diabeties and Skin Cancer

  1. Ensure you get direct Sunlight at least for 30 to 40 minutes daily specially during winter.
  2. Take foods like Toona, Mackerel and Sardine fish and Healthy meals .Click on words highlighted Blue.
  3. The last choice is Vitamin Supplements specially Vitamin ‘D3’.

Carolyn Hansen ,a peak performance fitness Consultant talks about the importance of Ultra violet rays that we get free from SUN to keep our Bones, Immune system and Skin healthy.

“One of Vitamin D’s star roles is to keep bones healthy by increasing their absorption of calcium. This lack is called rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults. For the most part these diseases are now rare in the US, however there is another bone disease on the rise, osteoporosis…the bone disease that leads to spinal deformities and bone fractures. Without the proper amount of vitamin D the intestines cannot effectively and efficiently absorb the needed calcium. As bone calcium density falls to dangerous levels, bones become weak and are prone to fractures.

But those issues seem minor when you compare them to cancer.
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Vitamin D is used to help regulate and maintain a healthy immune system, contributing to the normal growth and maturation of cells. This is why Vitamin D is an essential ally in the battle against cancer. Low levels can increase the risk of developing the dreaded disease cancer.

To maintain healthy levels of Vitamin D go outdoors with 40-50 percent of skin exposed and get 20-30 minutes of direct sun each day whenever possible. For those living in areas that are a challenge due to weather, geography or other constraints, consider a vitamin D3 supplement.

You can decrease your risk of cancer by more than half simply by optimizing your vitamin D levels with sun exposure. There is growing evidence that three-fourths of cancer patients suffer from vitamin D deficiency and that the lowest levels are found in those with advanced cancers.

We must get over our fear of the sun as there are more lives lost to diseases every year that were caused by a lack of sunlight than were caused by too much sunlight.
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Vitamin D is essential to your health and you cannot be healthy without proper levels.

Vitamin D keeps a balance of calcium and phosphorus in our bodies. It’s benefits to your bones is widely known but they are just beginning to discover the exact role that vitamin D plays with your other cells and organs.
There have been recent studies that suggest that the  risk of developing certain types of cancer is lower in those that have high concentrations of vitamin D in their bodies. There are certain foods that are high in vitamin D such as mackerel, tuna, and sardines…unfortunately outside of tuna these foods do not make the “most popular” list so few get their daily D needs met with foods alone. You can take supplements or you can let your body make its own
vitamin D if your skin gets enough ultra-violet rays from the sun.
There are further studies that suggest that vitamin D is an immune booster. Some people even believe that it helps with weight loss. It is important to get vitamin D into your body, through sunlight, foods or supplements if you want to avoid diseases such as cancer, and diabetes…It can also serve you well by regulating mood swings and other  illnesses. The key is to educate yourself…”
PS: Always go for healthy foods specially Desserts and Snacks.
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