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How to make a nice Video

The Client-Getting ,Video Script
When shooting a video for your online business, it can be tough to remember
everything you need to do and say. If you don’t know where to start, you can feel
like your rambling. Worse, you probably have tried to shoot your video 100
times, but you can never get through it without mistakes.
This is where a script really helps. This script can help you stay on track and shoot
your video with ease!
Even better: This video script is designed to convert which means you get more
clients. I use this script with my clients and as the basis for my sales videos.
All you must do to use The Client-Getting Video Script, is add in your own words,
and go shoot your video!
Let’s get started:
The Client-Getting Video Script
The Intro:
This is applicable when your sales video is viewed right after
opting-in for your list. If your sales video is following something different than a
free offer, then change the statement to reflect the last action taken)
Right now, you have everything you need to achieve
______________________________. (Fill in what the free offer helps them
achieve or whatever the last action is going to help them accomplish.)
The Problem:
But, the big question on my clients’ minds is: _____________________________.
(What problem does this program, product, or service help solve? For example,
“The big question on my clients’ minds is how to I make a sales video that gets
The Urgency:
I have the answer for you and a very special while you’re on this page. (If this is an
offer only on this page or for a limited time or for new customers only, state it). It
will help you ______________________________. (what will they achieve?).
The big challenge is _____________________________. (This is your audience’s
challenge that your solution solves. This is related to the big question on your
clients’ mind.)
If you want to ________________________ (have, become, solve, etc.) (Insert the
big idea which is what they can achieve with your product, program, or service.
For example, “If you want to double your income.” Or “If you want to lose the last
stubborn 10 pounds.”) Then _____________________________ (your program,
product, or service) is for you because it helps you _________________________
(solve what?)
Call to Action:
(Tell them what to do, for example, “Click the button below to get registered for
the Client-Getting Video Training Workshop.”)
Your story:
Who am I to help you with this? (Give some of your experience, credentials, or
your story)
Your solution:
Tell a little bit about your program, product, or service (modules, steps, or how it
Call to Action:
(Tell them what to do, for example, “Click the button below to get registered for
the Client-Getting Video Training Workshop.” Or “If you’re feeling inspired, click
the button below to get instant access.”)
Who is this for? (Call out your target audience, for example: “If you’re a coach,
consultant, or entrepreneur, this is designed for you.”)
Your Guarantee:
If you’re not completely satisfied with your training, I’m giving you 30 days to
request a no-questions-asked refund. (Whatever your guarantee or promise is,
state it here.) There’s no risk to you, the risk is all on me.
Final Call to Action:
(Tell them what to do, for example, “Click the button below to get registered for
the Client-Getting Video Training Workshop.” Or “If you’re feeling inspired, click
the button below to get instant access.”)
There you go – a client-getting script that’s been proven repeatedly. Keep your
video under 10 minutes and you’ll be rock’n it!


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 FREE Techniques from successful Marketers : 1. Be The Difference; Go to : https://www.amazon.in/dp/B082BGGH1J/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_apa_i_wdn6DbCJFJG6G      Become an Entrepreneur  How to make a…
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Affiliate Marketing and Blogging

Affiliate Marketing & Blogging

Affiliate marketing is one way in which bloggers utilize their blog to generate revenue. The amount of revenue generated by a blog featuring affiliate marketing links may vary significantly depending on the amount of traffic the blog receives .There is an opportunity to get guaranteed traffic and it’s free for short time.

Affiliate marketing essentially entails creating a link on the blog for Third party or another company’s website / their products sales page  , eg; Click on BLUE high lighted text , a bitly… link will appear, now you click on that link and you will be taken to “the site of Black Tactical Pen, a safety /survival weapon in emergency in America” for women to defend while alone and for men and women during a sudden terrorist attack.

Above A Black Tactical Strike Pen Ready in your Bag For An Emergency

If some one will order the safety weapon from this link I shall get my set commission direct from Click Bank. The amount varies from 25% to      75 % . This compensation may be awarded in a number of different prevailing ways. The blog owner may be compensated each time the advertisement is served, each time a unique website visitor clicks through the advertisement or each time a blog visitor performs a desired action such as making a purchase or registering with the website.


I shall discuss some vital aspects of affiliate marketing which bloggers should understand that includes selecting opportunities carefully, maximizing the income potential for these opportunities and understanding the requirements associated with Affiliate marketing process.

Selecting Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

There is a wide variety of affiliate marketing opportunities available. Many different companies and websites offer affiliate marketing opportunities. In most cases the blog owner simply needs to submit the website address of his blog along with some other basic information for approval. In most cases the company is not likely to reject the application unless the content of the website is deemed to be objectionable or otherwise in conflict of interest with the company’s goals. However, although getting approved to display affiliate links on your website is a rather simple process, this does not mean blog owners should select these affiliate marketing opportunities without discretion. It is a far better idea to carefully select affiliate marketing opportunities with companies who are of interest to the target audience of the blog.

A well focused blog that is reaching a specific target audience should seek to display marketing links directing website traffic to companies which complement the blog without acting as direct competition to the blog. This helps to ensure the blog visitors will not only be interested in the affiliate marketing links and therefore more likely to click on the links and make a purchase but will also help to ensure the blog visitors do not find the affiliate marketing links to be bothersome.

Maximizing Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

Once blog owners have selected affiliate marketing opportunities it is time to consider how they can maximize the profit generated by these links. There are a couple of critical factors which blog owners should carefully consider to help maximize their profit from affiliate marketing. This includes regularly evaluating the effectiveness of the affiliate links and promoting the blog to maximize traffic.

Blog owners who incorporate affiliate marketing into their blog should regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the affiliate links. This can be done by comparing the percentage of blog visitors who click on the affiliate links to the overall blog traffic. A blog which has high traffic but a relatively small percentage of clicks on the affiliate links should consider making changes to attempt to entice more  visitors to click on the links. These changes can involve the aesthetics, size or location of the advertisements. Making only one change at a time is recommended because it makes it easier for the blog owner to evaluate the results of a change.

Blog owners can also help to maximize the profit from their affiliate marketing opportunities by doing self promotion to drive additional website to the blog. This will likely be beneficial because higher website traffic will generally translate to greater profit from affiliate marketing. Additionally, the blog owner may want to occasionally mention companies for which they are an affiliate to generate interest in the advertisements on the website eg; the Link I have given above for Black Tectical Pen is from Click Bank, www.clickbank.com, a Digital products selling portal.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing Requirements

Finally, blog owners should be careful and pay attention to the affiliate marketing agreements they enter. This is important because some companies may place restrictions on the usage of a link to their website. This may include restrictions such as avoiding objectionable content, not including links or advertisements for direct competitors or restrictions on the appearance of the affiliate links. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the blog losing affiliate privileges and the blog owner being denied compensation.

Blogging for Fun

Although blogging can be used for a variety of other purposes such as generating income, promoting a cause and providing information there are many bloggers who enjoy blogging simply because it is fun and a portal to display their passion. These bloggers enjoy blogging for reasons such as staying in touch with friends, expressing themselves or keeping a record of important events.

When maintaining a blog, the individual can choose to post a variety of information and photos. Through this information and photos the blog owner can keep others informed about current events in his life. Friends and family members can view the blog at their convenience to catch up on important events in the blog owner’s life and in most cases can post comments to the blog owner. They can also read comments from others. This is beneficial if those viewing the blog know each other because they can not only stay in touch with the blog owner but also have a chance to communicate with other friends and family members through the comments section of the blog.

Blogging as a Form of Expression

Some bloggers begin blogging as a form of expression. They may write  poetry, songs, short stories or even use the blog to vent about personal events or politics. These bloggers may wish to keep their blog private or can make the blog available to the public. Keeping the blog private is sort of like keeping a diary or a journal. It gives the blogger a multi-media form of expressing himself without the risk of others discovering his true feelings, innermost dreams or frustrations. Other bloggers opt to make these blogs public. This may be for a number of different reasons. Specially if you are living a Lap Top life style,working on line and travelling a lot.Sharing these feelings with others allows the blogger to reach others who may have the same interest as the blogger and his friends and relatives will know his whereabouts and achievements .

Blogging to Keep a Record of Events

Another common reason for blogging is to keep a record of important events. Examples of some types of events which a blogger may wish to document include a pregnancy, weddings, vacations, sporting events or completion of school events. Using blogs to keep a record of these events gives the blogger an opportunity to record daily events in one simple location where they can easily look back on the blog or share the postings with others who might be interested in the events. In these cases the blog can serve as a form of scrapbook documenting the events as they occur. The blog owner can post as often as he desires and may choose to include elements such as photos, music, audio files and video files into the blog. The blog can also be designed to suit the events being documented. For example a journal depicting a vacation may have backgrounds, fonts and colors representing the vacation location while a pregnancy blog may feature elements which represent pregnancy, babies and being parents.



Affiliate Marketing & Blogging Affiliate marketing is one way in which bloggers utilize their blog to generate revenue. The amount of revenue generated…
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